Fn Herstal ScarL with Grenade Launcher
Class: Assault
Notes: 5.56 calibre, lightweight and highly accurate with a devestating grenade launcher makes this a formidable weapon in AIX. Best for short to medium range with pinhole iron sight for focussed accuracy. Switching to single fire for long range is recommended.

Heckler and Koch Xm8
Class: Special Ops
Notes: The Xm8 is a lightweight prototype from Heckler and Koch currently undergoing testing in the field. Operators have found the 3 round burst mode to be deadly accurate against enemies and combined with a 3.5x zoom scope makes this the perfect all round assault rifle on the battlefield.

Barrett M109
Class: Sniper
Notes: The prototype M109 sniper rifle is a powerful and deadly weapon designed for anti-materiel payloads. This M109 is slightly modified as an infantry eradicator and fires a .50 cal bullet with incredible accuracy over extreme distances. The enemy won't know what hit them.

Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
Class: Engineer
Notes: The Mk14 battle rifle is a rugged and proven design offering both accuracy and power. This rifle is set as a single shot and deals out massive amounts of damage against the enemy. Don't leave home without it.

Milkor Mgl140
Class: Anti-Tank
Notes: This South African designed six shot grenade launcher is a force to be reckoned with. Designed for easy reload and incredibly quick semi-auto firing capabilities, enemy targets will find themselves in a firestorm of explosions before they even know what has hit them.

Portable Minigun
Class: Support
Notes: Another prototype weapon made out of cutting edge super-light metal polymers redefines the support role on the battlefield. The minigun is a one man army in close quarters battle but requires more cunning over long ranges.

Steyr Aug
Class: Medic
Notes: The Steyr Aug is a proven and rugged rifle most famously put through its paces by the Australian Army. Made of lightweight but incredibly tough polymers, the Aug is a reliable firearm with a built in military grade 3.5x scope. This gun famously fires after being sunk, run over and dropped in the mud.

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